Adin Steinsaltz on spiritual development in Judaism

There are many things that can be known, but in Judaism, they are often regarded as useless things. There was once a person who attained a certain stage of spiritual development and found that there were many supernatural powers attached to this stage. He prayed for these powers to be taken from him. As he expressed it: “If I cannot worship with these powers, what does it matter if I know what someone is doing a hundred miles from here?” There are many authentic stories of this kind. It always brought a struggle, because you cannot play with people, you should not play games with these powers. If you cannot worship truly with them, they are useless.
Adin Steinsaltz in “The Private Gate: A Conversation with Adin Steinsaltz” in Parabola, Vol. III, No. 2, “Sacrifice and Transformation”, (Mt. Kisco, New York: Tamarack Press, May 1978), p. 30.

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