Buryl Payne on the Moon’s turning through solar winds

The Sun, the Earth, and a magnetosphere

The Sun, the Earth, and a magnetosphere.
Image by: NASA
Image credit: World Blog - Can Earth's magnetic field be affecting the moon? (April 20, 2008)

When the Moon is new, it is between Earth and Sun and interferes with the solar wind, altering the [geomagnetic (GM)] field downstream. When full, the Moon is passing through the GM tail and sometimes produces turbulence which is observed on Earth. It is well known that at times of new and full moon, people become more hyperactive or upset than usual. Observations of the biofield show a reversal of spin direction at such times. Since the solar wind flow changes constantly, the moon’s interaction with it also varies and therefore the effect of each new or full moon is always different.
Buryl Payne in The Body Magnetic, Edition 4, Chapter 4 (Planetary Magnetism), (Santa Cruz, California: independently published, February 1990), p. 68.

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