Antonin Artaud on the varieties of communication

Noh Actor

Noh Actor
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It has not been definitively proved that the language of words is the best possible language. And it seems that on the stage, which is above all a space to fill and a place where something happens, the language of words may have to give way before a language of signs whose objective aspect is the one that has the most immediate impact upon us.
Antonin Artaud in The Theater and its Double, (New York: Grove Press, 1958), p. 107. Originally published as Le théatre et son double, (Paris: Gallimard, 1938). Translated from the French by Mary Caroline Richards. Cited by Rolando Perez in On An(archy) and Schizoanalysis, (Brooklyn, New York: Autonomedia, 1990), p. 39.

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"it has not been definitively proved"
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  1. As someone who is passionate about dance, I would have to agree. A 3 minute dance can portray so much more and provide a look deep into a soul. I can cry after a dance but a 3 minute monologue would not take me as far.
    For years people have been relying on body language and motions to communicate and really still do. I can pick up on so much more from body language than the hoo-ha that comes out of some peoples’ mouths.

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