Anton Wildgans

Anton Wildgans

Anton Wildgans on the fruits of suffering

Was leuchten soll, muß dulden, daß es brennt.
(What is to give light must endure burning.)
Anton Wildgans in his poem “Helldunkle Stunde” (1916). First published in Mittag: Neue Gedichte, (Leipzig, Germany: L. Staackmann Verlag, 1917), p. 90. Cited by and frequently attributed to Viktor Emil Frankl in The Doctor and the Soul: From psychotherapy to logotherapy, translated from the German by Richard and Clara Winston, (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1965), p. 67. First published as Ärztliche Seelsorge: Grundlagen der Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse, (Wien, Germany: Franz Deuticke, 1946). Thanks to Annie Q. Syed for the lead.

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"Was leuchten soll, muß dulden, daß es brennt."

Alternate Translation

That which would give off light must endure the burning.